Metadata sans Media

Originally published March 23, 2008

YouTube video screen with error message saying This video is no longer availableAnd here we have a friendly way of explaining that the video you wanted to see is no longer available. We all know that copyright is important, because it protects (in this case) Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., who otherwise would have been injured by people hearing the music that was part of this video. If people hear the music as part of this video, they will no longer go out and purchase that particular music because their need to hear it will have been fulfilled. People only want to hear this particular piece of music once, so this video is just like removing the product from the shelves. If you were allowed to see this video, you would never buy the music. Now that the video has been removed from YouTube, you won’t even know which music it included, so now you will buy that music. Shop on!