About borgborg.org

Originally published in March 2008

Borg ship and computer keyboard

At borgborg.org we wish you the very best in corporate-dominated computing and Internet use. We launched this blog to recognize the many interesting ways your life is being altered in exchange for monthly billings, license fees, tracking scripts, and proprietary software you’ll be stuck with til they pull the mouse from your cold dead hand.

We think the world would be better served if consumers would trust in wise cyber conglomerates who know better than you do. That’s why they’re billionaires and you’re hoarding quarters for the parking meter.

We intend to highlight sundry facets of the policies and behaviors of the techno-behemoths that make the internet and modern computing what it is today.  So check in with us frequently as we update the latest adventures in digital oligarchy.  And don’t forget to read our Terms of Service!